Home Collage

We will use your existing furnishings and accessories to transform your home into a more comfortable, elegant and functional space.

You know you need Restyle Your Space when:

Bullet Check Something is not quite working with your decor, but you’re not sure what’s wrong or how to fix it. Bullet CheckYou have just moved into a new home and need help in arranging your old furnishings in the new space.
Bullet CheckYou’ve just merged two households and don’t know how best to blend what you have in the new space. Bullet CheckYou have nice furnishings but aren’t sure how to pull things together to create a comfortable, finished look.
Bullet CheckYou have paint chips everywhere and can’t decide what color will work best in your space. Bullet-CheckYou feel your furnishings are dated, but can’t afford to buy all new things.
Bullet CheckYour home doesn’t feel as functional and organized as you’d like. Bullet-CheckYou’re planning to list your home and want it to show well for top dollar sale.
Bullet CheckYou are considering moving to a smaller home, but aren’t sure how to downsize your décor. Bullet-CheckYou’d love your home to have a professional designer look, but just can’t afford it.

“What we really appreciated about Barbara’s approach was that she was not judgmental of our furniture or current layout, and did not “insist” on any one decorating approach, but rather suggested several options for us to choose from. She even helped us move the furniture to make things happen right then and there!”
J. Grieco, Dumfries, VA