Clients have been extremely pleased with the transformation of their homes! Here are a few testimonials from clients who worked with Restyle Your Space.

R. Bergstrom of Alexandria, Virginia says:

R. Bergstrom's restyled living room

Creating a U-shaped conversation area and re-arranging bookcases and an entertainment unit together for a “built-in” look made R. Bergstrom’s living room more functional and inviting.

“My boyfriend and I had purchased a condo together and had a difficult time combining both our previous households into one space. Like many in the D.C. area, our work schedules are hectic and the idea of dedicating extra time to decorate and declutter was a daunting task. We were also on a budget and not willing to make huge purchases to redecorate. Thanks to Barbara and her brilliant suggestions, we were able to get all of our things in just the right place and only added a few things that really made the place look amazing. Where I didn’t envision furniture could be placed or pictures hung, Barbara created a really stylish look.

A few notable words of advice that I really loved:
1. Her idea of the “conversation pit” in the living room by arranging the furniture to focus on your guests and not the T.V.
2. Creating a stylish foyer by the front door making every guest say “Wow, this is so nice!”
3. Using stylish lighting, mirrors, and picture arrangements to really make each room “pop”
4. Decluttering and removing unnecessary items to give your place a clean look.
I highly recommend Barbara to restyle your space. She provided clever suggestions and ideas for each room that I never would have thought of. She is motivated, very easy to work with, and definitely innovative!”

P. Jimenez on his redecorated porch

P. Jimenez and Hailey on his redecorated porch. Pretty plants, an attractive bench and colorful welcome mat were added to enhance the curb appeal of his home, which sold for top dollar.

P. Jimenez of Annandale, Virginia says:

 “When I decided to put my home on the market for sale, I soon learned from my realtor that to get what I’d like on the home, I would need to make it look as spacious and updated as possible. I looked into stagers, but found them to be quite expensive. I heard about Barbara and how she can help prepare the home for sale by using mainly my own things, rather than taking out everything and starting over. That definitely sounded good, for a lot of reasons.

She went through each room, created a plan with recommendations for what needed to be done, and then helped me work to make it happen. The plan included removing a good deal of excess furniture and (of course) clutter. Barbara also suggested that some new, fresh accessories, strategically placed, would make a good impression on buyers. I asked her if she could help select and purchase these things, and she did. Her choices made each room look totally updated and professionally “put together”.

Barbara’s advice on refreshing the outside of my home was also invaluable. I hadn’t realized she might be able to advise me on that, but she had excellent ideas—often very affordable—that really made a huge difference in my home’s exterior. Barbara shared ideas for reprioritizing exterior work with my general contractor, and he agreed that they were a better way to go. As a result, I invested in changes with potential for a greater return. My realtor loved the updates, and agreed that the new curb appeal of my home would help to get buyers in the door.

But the best part, and why I’m writing all this down, is that my home sold even more quickly than I had hoped, and for a top of the market price. I have no doubt that the work of Barbara and Restyle Your Space contributed in a major way to these excellent results. And I might add, she was really nice and fun to work with. Thank you, Barbara!”

J. Grieco of Dumfries, Viriginia says:

Redecorated Living Room of J. Grieco

Placing the work table behind the sofa grouping and in front of the window created a light-filled, set-apart office space in the Grieco loft. A comfortable seating area was also created for TV and conversation in this multi-purpose space.

“We asked Barbara to help us reconfigure our loft, which we were using both as an office and a TV viewing room. We had just purchased a large work table, but we could not seem to make it fit. Barbara proposed several great suggestions to reconfigure our furniture into a new comfortable conversation area. Barbara also recommended moving the work table, and rearranging office-related furnishings, which created a much more functional office space within our loft. None of these ideas had ever entered our minds after all these years of living with this furniture. The change has totally enhanced the feel and utilization of this space.

What we really appreciated about Barbara’s approach was that she was not judgmental of our furniture or current layout, and did not “insist” on any one decorating approach, but rather suggested several options for us to choose from. She even helped us move the furniture to make things happen right then and there! After living with our previous loft arrangement for over 7 years, it was surprising that we did not “see” what she saw as the potential the space had to offer. Our experience with Barbara confirms that with just a little extra cost, a professional can make what you have look so much better. Our next step is to invite her down to our weekend French Country cottage and see what her magic can do with what we currently have there.”