Second Time Around

By | July 18, 2014

I’m so happy to see the trend of reusing, repurposing and redesigning commonly used items expanding both in scope and creativity these days. It seems as though there is no limit to the clever ideas that are popping up and being shared on Pinterest and other sites. While some clever transformations are coming from designers and decorators, many others are being developed in the home by individuals who want to make something useful and functional from what they have at hand. Others, of course, scour flea markets and estate sales looking for potential gems that just need a bit of polishing.

A ladder can make a great clothing rack! Image Source: Pinterest

A ladder can make a great clothing rack! Image Source: Pinterest

Here’s one of my favorites….adding hooks to a freshly painted ladder to hang clothes to dry in the laundry room. Hooks and chains enable easy mounting from the ceiling. So clever and functional… it!

A gardening tool can be repurposed to display favorite wine glasses. Image Source: Pinterest

And who doesn’t like a new way to display their favorite wine glasses? But I’ll admit, I would have never thought that an old garden rake might serve that purpose!

The rake could be spruced up with bronze, black or silver spray paint, (or whatever color coordinates with your room) or simply cleaned and used in its natural state. A guaranteed conversation piece above your bar or counter!

These ideas inspire me to crank up my imagination and “out of the box” thinking to come up with some new fun (and useful) projects. This means taking a new look at common everyday items…seeing them not only for what they used to do (or are supposed to do), but what they could do in a new repurposed form! Have fun!