Sunny Living Room

One-Day Redecorating

Living RoomDo you feel that there is something missing or not quite right about your space? Maybe you have bought new furnishings, but are not sure how to pull the room together for a polished, cohesive feel. Or maybe your room has been stuck in time for years and you think it looks tired and outdated. If so, you will find that a one-day makeover offers a quick and affordable way to redecorate your home. After discussing your likes and preferences for the space, we develop creative solutions for furniture placement, color, accessories, lighting, windows and flooring…always in collaboration with you. We provide a detailed design plan and source recommendations with each consultation. One-day redecorating is a great alternative to expensive, conventional interior design services. Restyle Your Space works by the room and for a flat fee per room.

Color Consulting

Vase and Yellow Chair

Is it time to repaint your home but you’re stuck poring over countless paint chips only to find yourself going into color confusion overload? Are you planning a renovation but don’t want to make a costly mistake in choosing tile, flooring, countertops, trim and paint for your space? Restyle Your Space can help ensure that important decisions on these elements of your home are not left to guesswork.Trained by international color expert Maria Killam in understanding undertones, tools for choosing finishes, and developing a true eye for color, we will help you make color choices that work beautifully for your space. Changing the color of your walls or finishes is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to transform the mood and look of your home!


Older Couple in Front of Sold Home Have you decided to sell your home but realtors have told you that getting top dollar requires your home be in pristine condition? You’ve looked into hiring a stager, who will remove and replace all your furnishings and accessories, but it’s so expensive. Or has your home has been sitting on the market with little activity? There is another option for ensuring your home makes a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Restyle Your Space works with you and/or your realtor to make your home sparkle like a model home. We start with what you have, using existing furniture and accessories wherever possible. We create a written design plan to detail enhancements needed for optimum presentation. If a room needs a little “extra” touch, we have resources available to help you achieve the look you want inexpensively. Also… the impression a home makes from the street will determine if buyers even choose to come inside. We can also create a plan to enhance your home’s curb appeal!


Cute Dog on Home Mat Thinking of moving from your larger home to an apartment or townhome, or considering relocating to a retirement community or assisted living? Or perhaps you plan to reconfigure your home to accommodate a parent, new baby or children returning to “the nest”.

Restyle Your Space will work with you to develop a detailed plan to help downsize your furnishings to fit your new space or circumstances, and create a comfortable and functional new look. We understand that downsizing is difficult and will guide you through a plan of action to assist you in making tough decisions such as what to retain for use in your new space. We will ensure that your new home environment works for your lifestyle, without sacrificing beauty or function.

“But the best part… is that my home sold even more quickly than I had hoped, and for a top of the market price. I have no doubt that the work of Barbara and Restyle Your Space contributed in a major way to these excellent results.”
P. Jimenez, Annandale, VA